Christmas is over. I always kind of get this what now feeling. So I put it to use. All decorations, the tree, holiday dishes, cups, almost everything is already taken down and corralled into one spot. I’ll begin putting it away later tonight. But I paused and kind of wondered why I’ve already taken everything down. To me it’s kind of like a starting over point, clean and organized to start the new year. It’s not so much about New Years resolutions but more about the fact of a fresh start so to speak.

Going through the pantry and donating any food you know you’re not going to try, organizing by expiration dates (yes I do that), making a list of things you need to replenish so you aren’t going to the store just for spaghetti noodles.

Organizing under all the sinks and getting rid of empty bottles of cleaner that have like two sprays left, finding out you have three extra sponges stuffed in the back.

Getting the kids to go through their toys and closets and organize. Donating any clothes that are too small/they don’t wear. Matching socks, throwing away the ones that don’t have a pair.

All of it. Of course I love doing this kind of stuff, but it makes for so much less stress.

The other thing we are implementing is kind of a Dave Ramsay total money makeover plan. There are certain things we aren’t going to do but certain things are life changing and amazing. 2017 started off with Corey breaking his leg and we were not financially prepared for that. We had some amazing support and were able to get through it and come out so much stronger. But we are working on ways to where we would be in a better situation if that were to happen again (I pray it doesn’t but hope we will be more prepared this time).

So he talks about having your emergency money, pay off bills and have 3-6 months at least of living expenses. Pfffttt, um yeah ok! (Who has that kind of money?). So insurance, rent/mortgage, gas, food, power, etc but I wasn’t thinking about the other necessities like toilet paper, soap, shampoo, contact lens cleaner, etc.

I used to be a HUGE couponer, I mean had two 6′ tall, 6′ long shelving units full of toiletries, food, paper towels, detergent, and so on, and it helped us get through when the economy tanked in 2009 and I was laid off on the 11th of 12 weeks of maternity leave with our second child. I’ll never get back to that, but I do think it’s reasonable to have the 3-6 months worth of stuff.

We spent the last two years in a tiny apartment and I wasn’t able to really prepare for the what if’s. But I do now have a spot for extra shampoo, toothbrushes, cleaners, etc. Being able to buy detergent for example when it’s on sale and buying two as opposed to buying one each time you run out and have to have it makes a big difference. Or you have a month where finances are super tight, like Christmas.

I know most of you will think none of this makes since and think oh boy she’s crazy. But having this little spot for the extra stuff really makes me feel a bit more prepared for the what if’s in life as goodness knows we’ve been there and have been lucky enough to have help, but I plan to be able to repay that and help others.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year!


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