Headrest Handle Review by Michael Bachand


Review of the Headrest Handle Bars;

I was given two headrest handles, one a generic off YouTube version, the other a very similar one with a few differences from SOS Gear.  On initial inspection the biggest difference and really the best feature of the SOS Gear version was the knots tied at either end of the handle.

The generic version does not have the knots which allows for the handle to slide back and forth on the cord that is used to make the loops to attach to your headrest;
1. This means that you can pull the cords right out of the handle and therefore ruin the handle.
2. Because the handle can be slid across the cords, this could cause unintentional and unnecessary wear and tear which in turn maybe cause failure. Therefore ruining the handle.

The SOS Gear version did have knots tied in at either end of the handle right at the edge of the wrapped cords.
1. This means that the SOS Gear innovated version will not slide back and forth. I tried to make this happen by attaching it between to fixed points and pushing and pulling the handle between the knots. I was unable to make it move.
2. This version was much longer than the generic version, which allows for less effort trying to reach for the handle to assist with climbing into a vehicle or reaching forward to hold on.

While both would serve their purpose, the SOS Gear innovated version is superior to the generic version. I attempted to make both fail without cutting them and was only able to make the generic version fail.  In the end with the strength of this handle your more likely to pull the seat out of your vehicle then have this handle break on you.

Review completed by Michael Bachand